I affirm One Love: Agape from which all emanates; the source of all life, the animating principal of all that is, the divine spark within each and all, the highest principal that all should strive to manifest through their thoughts and actions.

I affirm the logos the divine word of God- allegorically represented throughout the archaic time as the rain (holy spittle/sperm) of the Sky Father/Father Sun and thunder that would come down from heaven to impregnate the fertile womb of the Mother Earth. I affirm the logos as the divine revelation that comes from individual gnosis, and methods and rituals employed in facilitating this gnostic state of consciousness, chief among those being entheogenic plants, dance, music and art.

Conceived of the divine Sophia.  I affirm the universal wisdom available to all, the accessibility of salvation and redemption to all and the truth present within all religions, bestowed through charis, truth and grace.

I affirm Zoe: life and it’s sanctity and holiness, in all the aeons and kingdoms, plant and animal and divine. I affirm that every man and every woman has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Every man and every woman has a divine purpose that they are to fulfill and only they know what that purpose is. Therefore, it is their responsibility to fulfill that purpose in the manner in which they do will to fulfill it. No person or agency has the right to interfere with the liberty of another individual in their pursuit of this fulfillment. Every man and every woman is a star: a divine and sovereign being.

The divine soma, flesh of the gods, manifested through enthenogenic substances such as cannabis, amanita muscaria, psilocybin, peyote, salvia divinorium, wormwood, opium, ibogane, cacao, coffee, tea, tobacco, barley, honey, wheat, hops; their extracts, analogues, alkaloids and other similar substances.

I affirm the holy and sacred sweet smelling reed, the true healing cane, the divine mother: Ma, Mari, Ganja, Cannabis, Hemp. The divine child the holy hermaphrodite. I affirm the tree of life that is for the healing of the nations, and is manifested in the world by the sacred herb: Cannabis. It’s seed as food for man and beast, its flower for medicine and holy oil and incense, its leaf and stalk for clothing, fabric, rope and fiber, its whole self as fuel and its sweet flowers in worship as a sacrifice unto the divine. May it be sown far and wide, throughout the nations of the earth, and let no man nor power prevent its holy blessing.

I affirm the holy anointing for the healing of body, mind and spirit. The supreme ritual of ... And the healing unction. Made from the holy cannabis...

I affirm the sanctity and sacredness of the divine feminine from whence we all are born and nourished thereof, manifest in the body of the earth upon which we live and every woman upon it, for this is the true source and nourishment of all life..