Sacramental Usage

Membersof the Gnostic Universalist Church are not mandated to break any international, Fedral, State or Local laws, however members are encouraged to participate in the resistance against drug laws that prohibit our freedom of religious expression and subvert our rights to health, livelyhood and the pursuit of happiness. Members living in Countries, States or other Zones where the religious usage of sacramental substances are recognized and respected should cooperate with local goverments and administrations as much as possible. Members living in areas where there still remains religious persuicution should follow their own hearts an consciousness. No one is mandated to martyer themselves for "the cause", we do not ask that one go willingly to be burned at the stake, crucified, fed to the loins or locked in a cage. Each person must make their own decisions because the conclusion that they come to will be their own.

Items we currently provide:

Identification and Documents

Stickers and Tags for sacramental substances and plants. 

Posters and Certificates declairing religious rights. 

Medical perscription and Caregiver tags, stickers and documents.

These items do not carry the weight of law. 

Only the Law of God and His Commandments 

If your country or state has goverment issued stickers, IDs or tags, by all means follow the perscribed govermental regulations to the letter. If oyur state or country does not have a goverment saigntioned or opperated ID, tag or license program, these tags and labels offered here may offer some degree of additional saftey, but be careful, your millage may vary. Exercise your freedom and choose for yourself.

Be forewarned and forearmed that these items do not automatically exempt one from the laws of the land. 

"Render unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's and unto God what is Gods'"

Declare Your Faith!...

We have stickers, lables and tags declaring 

"Sacramental Substance" 

"Holy Incense" 

"Holy Smoke" 

We also have  "caregiver" stickers, tags and certificates as well as  "compassion"

Comming Soon:

Lamanitated ID Cards and Badges;

Medical Marijuana ID Tags, 

Stickers and Perscriptions; 

Notice of Rights Posters; 

Santuary Certificates, Notices and Posters.

Sacrament Containers


Declare your faith proudly with these gratifying garments. Tunics, shrouds, hoods, caps, bakini and thongs.

  • Tunics & Hoods
  • Wandering Monk Caps
  • Loin Girdle

There are many styles and slogans. Grap yours today!


And Coming Soon

Medical Marijuana, Gnostic, Sex Majik, ID Tags and Cards, Holograms, CDs, DVDs, Books, and Exotic Spices....

About your purchace

Every bit of help and suport is much needed and well apreaciated. We sincerly thank you for any purchaces that you make, as every littil bit helps our ministries to survive and grow. A Portion of every purchace directly hepls to suport Canthiest Ministries and Ministers. Keep I and I in Mind at 4:20. Praise Jah!

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Holy Incense