Holy Books


We hold that wisdom: Sophia, is sacred.

Therefore, learning, teaching and books

are all sacred and should be treated as such

The Holy Books consist of ancient and modern texts recognized by the individual or collective group as being as divinely inspired or divinely inspiring. Each individual is responsible for determining that which resonates within themselves as true. Each individual should seek their own gnosis through their own first hand experience and act on that divinely received knowledge to obtain and develop their own wisdom through communion with the Goddess Sophia.

The Christian writings of the first century of the Common Era are of special significance. This includes both accepted and supressed gospels, epistles as well as the writings of the church fathers. Of all the writings, the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hamagati Texts are of particular importance. The coincidental timing of their discovery at the same time as our discovery and experimentation and usage of nuclear materials and the invasion of Alien UFOs in the popular consciousness combined with the rabid persecution and suppression of these writings and their application from their inception to the present era demands special attention to these writings. Because of the fragmentary nature of these texts, often reconstruction and reinterpretation of the texts is mandated.

There seems to be general scholarly agreement that the Biblical texts are written with several layers of meaning coded inside them. What is not agreed  upon is what these codes, cyphers and mysteries are. Biblical interpretation takes place on several levels: the surface- whether taken as literal or mythological, both serve as teaching stories imparting an ethos of life. Just below this level of interpretation is the socio-political message written in cipher to avoid persecution, arrest and loss of life and liberty. This is written mostly in allegory and pisher, where older teachings are reinterpreted, replacing modern and contemporary elements for the historical events. Deeper still than these are the hidden mysteries- the sacraments of the church and the body of the anointed one.

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